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Cash rebate for online purchases for Canadians

Ebates at Blissdom 2012-2127
Ebates at Blissdom 2012-2127 (Photo credit: BlissDom 2012)
Do you go through cash rebate sites to earn rebate on your online purchases?  It is pretty easy, you go through the cash rebate site to your online purchase site (provided your online purchase site offers rebate via cash rebate site) and do your purchase as usual.  Your rebate will show in cash rebate site in few days or sometimes in few weeks.  Once you reach the threshold amount, you can request a cheque or request to transfer to your pay pal account. The rebate percentage varies from merchant to merchant.

It is great savings for those who do lot of online shopping.  I thought it is common knowledge until I found that my sister who does lot of online purchases was not aware it.
To register for rebates sites please click on the links below.

I have been using Great Canadian Rebates for few years and it is a great site. I have good experience with them except one instance where I was not paid for a rebate for applying American express ($20 rebate). Great Canadian Rebates blamed American Express indicating their tracking system is not accurate but in my view both are at fault. If they don’t have good system to track don’t offer it.  Other than that all my rebates over the last two years were posted correctly and they are very prompt in responding to questions.

I have not used the cash rebate option of RedFlagDeals and Ebates. Great Canadian Rebates and Ebates also provide you referral bonus if you refer others but I could not see any referral link in the Red Flag deals.  The sites also announce special bonus rebates time to time with increased dollar amount or percentage of the rebate.  Ensure to read the fine print clearly before you do the purchase the site may provide rebate based on type of purchase. For example, Gift cards may earn different rebate rate than the product purchase).
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