Friday, November 12, 2010

No more calls to Emily

All the Bell customers know that any time you call Bell customer service you have to go through Bell’s annoying virtual agent Emily. By the time you finish answering Emily’s questions, you will be tired, before she connects you to a real customer service rep. Today, I decided to try their live chat and to my surprise it is very efficient and fast service service. I got my answers right away.

So no more calls to Emily……………

Log in to your Bell account and contact support via chat. They will ask few questions confirm your identity and provide you help with your questions.

Here is another lesson learnt today.

I noticed that I have been charged for text messaging and I have never ever ordered that service. When I called Bell few weeks ago to merge new cell phone bill and home phone bill to “One bill”. The customer service rep offered me 30 days free text messaging.  I only tested the service but never used it after. Guess what!! I have been charged for it for two months.

Always review your bill and pay more attention if you had made any changes to the services. I was overcharged $7 in my Bell phone bill.

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