Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interesting Articles and Blogs I read this week:

Problems with being a executor (Thicken Wallet). I know some mutual fund companies advance money for funeral costs and to pay probate fees from deceased annuitant’s RRSP or RRIF (provided estate is the beneficiary). These companies also exempt the requirement for probate fees if the assets held is small. But it is not offered until the executor or executrix asks for it.

Government of Ontario HST Relief For Small Businesses (Canadian Tax Resources Blog). This will be a great help for lot of small businesses.

10 fees you should avoid (Moneyville)

Calculating Fuel Economy (Canadian Finance Blog)

Mortgage Debt in Retirement (Canadian Mortgage Trends)

Three Points We Need To Know About Credit Rating (Smart Canadian)

Lowering Your Currency Exchange Fees (Canadian Couch Potato

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