Friday, October 22, 2010

Price Matching

Do you know some stores will price match the prices of other stores if you take the current flyers with you as proof of sale at the other store.  This way you don’t have to run around different stores to get lowest prices. 

Here are some of the stores that I have done price matching:
  • Zellers  
  • No Frills
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Future Shop
  • Canadian Tire – Gave me 10% in Canadian Tire money as well
  • Blacks
Unfortunately, Superstores in Ontario do not price match all the items (I heard superstores in western provinces price match). I usually go to Zellers to price match as I can also earn HBC points on the purchase.

How to do it?

I go to the store armed with my flyers (I circle items to price match) and tell the cashier before she\ he scans the product. They will check the flyer and adjust the price immediately. I have never had any issue in price matching but I have heard the following from fellow shoppers:
  • Stores won’t price match 1-2  day sales
  • No Frills stores does not  price match other Loblaw stores
  • Some stores will only price match  if the other store  is within certain distance
Do you price match items?  What is your experience?


Anonymous said...

Although Best Buy and Future Shop is the same company, their prices are different and they match each other.
the best way to do it is to check their websites find the best price and then check other stores such as Staples and Source.
Next you print this page and go to the most expensive store to price match. It will be staples and they have 110% lowest price guarantee.

Good luck

DealHunter said...

Walmart and Staples also price match with an advertised competitor's flyer. Some stores will only price match if the item is available at the competitor of the flyer you are price matching. I have had sales associates call the store to make sure the item is in stock before they honoured the price match. I haven't had that experience reently though!

Mat said...

Future Shop will not price match Costco because of its membership fee. On the other hand, I bought & used tax software that Costco discounted a few weeks later. I got the discount by buying a new, sealed copy and handing them the old bill a minute later for a full price refund - as per their advice!