Friday, April 15, 2011

Consumer Rights

I came across the Canadian Consumer Handbook website. This was produced by joint collaboration of federal and provincial governments. It has lot of useful information for the consumers.. 

Your rights as consumer are protected under provincial Consumer Act. For example, your rights as a consumer in Ontario are protected under Consumer Protection Act of Ontario.  The Consumer Protection Act governs most common consumer transactions in Ontario. But there are other legislation that provide protection to the consumers  as well. For example  if you are buying a motor vehicle , your rights are covered  under Motor Vehicle Dealers Act in Ontario as well.

Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services website provide lot of information. It has information on consumer rights and how to report complaints etc. Here are some of the interesting points that may be useful.

Door to door sale
§         If you sign a contract in your home, you may cancel within 10 days by giving notice of cancellation. Provide this notice by e-mail, fax or registered letter or by hand delivering it (try to obtain a signature upon delivery). Be sure to keep a copy of your letter. The company has 15 days to return your money and is responsible for picking up the product or paying for the cost of sending it back if the company wants its product returned.
§         If your agreement contains an estimate, the final price cannot be more than 10 per cent above it, unless you agree.

Big ticket items;
§         Deliveries must be made on time. If the company doesn’t make delivery or start service within 30 days of the date stated in the agreement, you can cancel the agreement at any time before delivery or start of service. You lose the right to cancel if, after the 30-day period has expired, you agree to accept delivery or allow the company to start services. If the agreement does not state a date, the 30 days run from the date the agreement was signed. Again, you lose that right if you accept delivery or start of service after the 30 days

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Consumer is the real deciding factor for all economic activities. It is now universally accepted that the extent of consumer protection is a true indicator of the level of progress in a nation. Thanks a lot!